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    Beezy is now part of Appspace!

    Together, we’re unifying the physical and digital workplace to power a more connected and engaging experience.

    Appspace is the leader in workplace experience software, offering digital signage, kiosks, workspace reservation, visitor management, and more. The addition of Beezy’s award-winning intelligent digital workplace means you can now have all the tools you need, wrapped up in one simple platform. 


    Create a workplace your employees love

    Appspace and Beezy are bringing more value to your employees, with the first unified workplace experience platform – designed for the people, places, and spaces that make organizations thrive.



    What does this mean for Beezy customers?

    Beezy customers will continue to enjoy everything Beezy has to offer (just as you have been). The difference is, you’ll now have the opportunity to benefit from even more ways to meet your employees’ flexible working needs, boost engagement, and foster a thriving culture. Have questions?

    Learn more about Appspace 

    Appspace is the workplace platform that increases employee productivity and improves company culture, bridging the physical and digital workplace gaps among office, frontline, and remote locations.


    We share Appspace’s vision of a truly connected workplace that employees can rely on to get work done, all while providing a completely personalized experience no matter their location or device.

    Jordi Plana, CEO, Beezy

    Are you a Beezy customer looking for more info? Have a look at our FAQs

    What does this mean for my organization? 

    Beezy customers will continue to receive the same high level of support as you do today. Our combined company offers over 350 dedicated professionals across the globe to deliver more value, faster than ever.  Beezy customers and partners will have immediate access to the full Appspace platform to help you create workplaces your employees love.

    Does anything change with my current subscription?

    No. Nothing changes with your current agreement. You’ll now just have new opportunities to unify your physical and digital workplace. Speak to your Beezy Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to learn more. 

    What does this acquisition mean for Beezy’s product roadmap and strategy?

    Our plan is to leverage the best of Beezy and Appspace to deliver a workplace platform that’s truly unique and provides the best value to our customers. We’re moving forward together to become the most comprehensive, unified workplace platform, centered around the employee experience. 

    Who can I contact to learn more about Appspace or Beezy?

    If you’d like to know more about Appspace or request a demo, get in touch at

    Where should I go for customer support?

    Your Beezy Customer Success Manager is still your best point of contact. You can also submit questions at or

    Have more questions?

    If there’s something else you’d like to know, or you’d prefer to have a meeting with the Appspace and Beezy team, connect with us here:

    Want to talk about your needs or learn more about Beezy or Appspace? Book a call: