Formalizing Idea Management in SharePoint

Aug 18, 6PM - 7PM BST

Corporations spend millions of dollars and countless hours devising programs and deploying tools to make it easier for employees to share their ideas, recognizing that there is untapped innovation to be found. Idea management is about surfacing ideas from your employees that may otherwise be lost within the daily shuffle, generated by the people who live and breathe the functional tasks and who are best positioned to identify new ways to work, new methods to optimize and improve, and novel innovations that could have an impact to your bottom line

Register to attend this joint webinar with Christian Buckley from Beezy and Mike Oryszak from B&R Solutions, where they will:

  • Outline common idea management strategies for SharePoint and Office 365.
  • Share real-world customer scenarios for formalizing these strategies.
  • Demonstrate Beezy Idea Campaign features - the first idea management solution built for SharePoint. 




Buckley-100x1003.pngChristian Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer at Beezy

Beezy is the premier enterprise collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365. We make collaboration within your organization easy and relevant.


Mike_BR.pngMike Oryszak, Engagement Manager & Senior Solution Architect at B&R Solutions

B&R Business Solutions provides innovative solutions that meet even the most unique business and technology challenges; with a strict focus on integrating and developing solutions around Microsoft technologies.