Don't worry - you didn't miss out

We recently hosted this webinar, but you can access the on-demand recording.This webinar, presented by Christian Buckley, MVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Beezy, and Mike Oryszak Engagement Manager and Senior Solution Architect at B&R Solutions, will help you understand how you can better transform employee ideas into an enterprise-wide innovation engine.

Mike and Christian covered:

        • Common idea management strategies for SharePoint and Office 365.
        • Real-world customer scenarios for formalizing these strategies.
        • Beezy Idea Campaign features - the first idea management solution built for SharePoint. 




Buckley-100x1003.pngChristian Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer at Beezy

Beezy is the premier enterprise collaboration solution for SharePoint and Office 365. We make collaboration within your organization easy and relevant.



Mike Oryszak, Engagement Manager & Senior Solution Architect at B&R Solutions

B&R Business Solutions provides innovative solutions that meet even the most unique business and technology challenges; with a strict focus on integrating and developing solutions around Microsoft technologies.