On-Demand Webinar: Implementing Successful Collaboration - Community Feedback


Watch our On-Demand Webinar!

We recently held a panel discussion on the third and final phase of the ‘Measuring Collaboration Success’ initiative, focusing on the implementation factors that will help ensure your collaboration deployment is successful.

As collaboration moves from nice-to-have to business-critical, the ability to successfully implement your own collaboration strategy becomes increasingly important. We may have an idea of what successful collaboration means within our own organization, but to ensure our success -- we should also try to learn from the experiences of others.

The patterns of successful collaboration are clear

  • have a shared definition of success
  • monitor and measure your systems, and
  • make your implementation and operational activities transparent to your stakeholders.

But don’t take our word for it: listen to the community.

Running this panel discussion are 3 well-known Microsoft MVPs: Christian Buckley, Chief Evangelist at Beezy, John White, CTO at tyGraph, and Eric Overfield, CEO of PixelMill.

This webinar will help you learn:

  • Elements of a successful collaboration implementation
  • Implementation priorities of practitioners versus management
  • Guidance on best practices to include within your own collaboration strategy 

Discover the implementation factors that will ensure your collaboration deployment is a success.


eric.jpg Eric Overfield (@ericoverfield

 Author, branding and customization expert, SharePoint MVP, and  President of PixelMill


John.jpg John White (@diverdown1964

 Avid diver, SharePoint and Business Intelligence geek, SharePoint  MVP, and Chief technology Officer at UnlimitedViz Inc. and tyGraph       

buckley2.jpg Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet

 Social and collaboration expert, 6-time author, SharePoint MVP, and Chief Evangelist at Beezy